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Zuma’s Supporters Cause Chaos at ANC Youth League Conference, Singing Songs of Distraction

Yesterday, the African National Congress (ANC) hosted the 26th conference of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL), aiming to elect a new ANCYL President and cabinet. The conference took an unexpected turn when supporters of former President Jacob Zuma disrupted the event, singing songs of distraction and causing chaos in the process. This incident highlighted the ongoing divisions within the ANC and the continued reverence for Zuma among certain segments of the population.

Despite no longer being active in politics, Jacob Zuma still commands a strong following and is often referred to as President Zuma by his loyal supporters. Their unwavering support for Zuma was evident during his recent arrest, when crowds of people took to the streets, demanding his release. Zuma’s popularity remains undeterred despite the numerous corruption allegations he has faced throughout his political career.


As the conference commenced, prominent figures such as Fikile Mbalula, a notable politician, were present to ensure the smooth proceedings of the event. However, when Mbalula was about to address the conference, Zuma’s followers began singing a familiar tune, “wenzeni u zuma,” meaning “what did Zuma do?” This song is often used as a means to question the current ANC leadership and understand their perceived animosity towards Zuma.

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The disruptive singing caused confusion and frustration for Mbalula, who attempted to restore order and address the attendees. Unfortunately, his attempts were in vain as the followers continued to sing, paying no attention to his requests for silence. The incident revealed the immense support for Zuma, particularly from the province of Kwazulu Natal, where his backing is strongest. Zuma’s followers firmly believe that President Cyril Ramaphosa was instrumental in his arrest, and they frequently resort to tribalism to emphasize their grievances.


The disruption at the ANCYL conference underscores the deep-seated divisions within the ANC, with Zuma’s loyalists refusing to accept his removal from office and questioning the legitimacy of his prosecution. This incident highlights the challenges faced by the ANC as it struggles to unite its members and maintain its influence amidst growing dissent.

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The ANC leadership is now faced with the task of addressing these divisions and finding ways to reconcile the competing factions within the party. The incident at the ANCYL conference serves as a reminder of the enduring support for Zuma and the need for the ANC to navigate these divisions delicately to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness in South African politics.

As the nation watches these developments unfold, it remains to be seen how the ANC will handle the situation and whether it can bridge the divide between the different factions within the party. The disruption at the ANCYL conference serves as a poignant reminder that Jacob Zuma’s legacy continues to shape the political landscape of South Africa, even though he is no longer in power.


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