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“You too old for this” check out Penny Lebyane recent outfit that left people talking

Veteran South African Media Figure Penny Lebyane Faces Backlash for Fashion Choice, Critics Claim She is “Too Old”

Penny Matshidiso Lebyane, a prominent South African radio DJ, media figure, and former TV judge, is facing criticism after she wore a revealing two-piece outfit in support of Keke Palmer. The fashion choice has sparked a debate among social media users, with some claiming that Lebyane is “too old” to be donning such attire. Lebyane, who has been a fixture in the media industry for nearly two decades, has established herself as a prominent figure in radio and television, with numerous hosting roles and a strong fan base.

Penny Lebyane, also known as “Penny Lebyane,” has been a significant presence in the South African media industry, particularly as a DJ for Metro FM. She gained widespread recognition during her tenure as a radio DJ and further solidified her fame as a TV judge on M-Net’s Idols SA, particularly in its inaugural season back in 2002. Lebyane’s influence extended to co-hosting the 8th Annual Metro FM Music Awards in 2007, as well as co-hosting the Motswako Lifestyle program on SABC1 in 2010. She has also hosted various other programs, including “Sunrise” on in 2014.

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With her extensive experience and contributions to both radio and television, Penny Lebyane has achieved a level of notoriety similar to that of DJ Fresh, another veteran in the industry. Throughout her career, she has showcased her talent, versatility, and passion for her craft, earning her a dedicated following and widespread recognition. As a result, Lebyane has become one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the South African media landscape.


However, Lebyane recently found herself at the center of controversy when she wore a see-through two-piece outfit in support of Keke Palmer, an American actress and singer. The outfit, which revealed a significant amount of skin, drew criticism from some social media users who argued that Lebyane, at her age, should not be dressing in such a revealing manner.

The backlash against Lebyane’s fashion choice quickly spread across various online platforms, leading to a heated debate among her fans and critics. Supporters of the media figure defended her right to express herself through fashion, emphasizing that age should not dictate what someone can or cannot wear. They applauded Lebyane for her confidence and individuality.

On the other hand, critics argued that as a public figure and role model, Lebyane should be mindful of the message she sends to her audience, particularly to younger individuals. They expressed concerns about the impact her fashion choices might have on impressionable minds and called for her to set a more conservative example.

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Penny Lebyane has yet to respond directly to the controversy, but her loyal fan base continues to support her, praising her for her boldness and refusing to conform to societal expectations.

Penny Lebyane, a respected South African radio DJ and media personality, has faced criticism for her recent fashion choice, with some claiming that she is “too old” to wear a revealing two-piece outfit. As a veteran in the industry, Lebyane has established herself as a prominent figure in both radio and television, hosting various programs and earning a dedicated following. While the debate surrounding her fashion choice continues, her supporters argue for individuality and self-expression, emphasizing that age should not limit one’s choices. The controversy serves as a reminder of the ongoing discussions around societal expectations and personal style within the public eye.


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