Why Rally Numbers Don’t Matter in Zimbabwe Elections, Focus on This Instead

Why Rally Numbers Don't Matter in Zimbabwe Elections, Focus on This Instead

As Zimbabwe prepares for its upcoming elections, there has been a lot of buzz on social media regarding the rally numbers for both ZANUPF and the opposition. However, it is important to note that rally numbers are not an accurate indicator of electoral success. The crucial factor to consider is how the votes will be counted.


The excitement and energy that can be seen at election rallies can be misleading. More often than not, people attend these rallies for the carnival-like atmosphere and the promise of free transportation and food. Therefore, it is unwise to rely solely on rally numbers as an indicator of support.

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It is important to learn from past experiences and not fall into the trap of thinking that rally numbers are a reliable indicator of electoral success. During the 2008 presidential election in Zimbabwe, the opposition MDC party had larger rally numbers than ZANU-PF, but they still lost the election. The same thing happened during the 2013 election, where the MDC party had larger rally numbers but still lost.

The real indicator of success is the availability and accuracy of the Voters Roll. The Voters Roll is a list of all the eligible voters in the country and is used to verify voters during the election. The Voters Roll must be accurate and up to date to ensure that each voter gets their chance to cast their ballot.

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Unfortunately, in Zimbabwe, there have been issues with the Voters Roll in the past. There have been accusations of voter suppression, where some eligible voters were not registered, and others were removed from the roll. This raises concerns about the validity of the election results.

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