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Who knows The Real Shaka?

uShaka Zulu Ilembe! The Zulu King the Son of King Senzangakhona and the Queen UNandi from the Ndwandwe clan, king Shaka until to this day or may i say this generation is most popular and respected King amongst the zulu kingdoms king’s before and after him, and just of the fearful stories we learned about him but also about his vision, the vision of building and growing the zulu nation especially the unity he formed amongst tribes around him at the time talking about the Ndwandwe’s and the Zwide’s kingdom and others to form one big nation under the Zulu kingdom.

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But just like Jesus the son of God no one can actually come before and claim that he have the real King Shaka picture, the photo above is one of the pictures you get in the internet amongst many which are picture trying to describe uShaka, maybe the one on the above picture it is him or not it seems we will never know but it is what the internet give’s us.

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The only Shaka we grew up knowing it is the actor the Late Henry Cele who portrayed the role so well that we believed he is the real Shaka, but at the end we found out he is an actor and i believed it when i saw him coaching African wanderers Fc, and i also remember him playing in a drama called Inkomo Edla yodwa,

42bc4bb229e5468d8a08dc62cd3d7b22?quality=uhq&resize=720 Now on our Screens we have the new Shaka .



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