“We Sell Things to Them and They Sell Things to Us” President Ramaphosa on US & SA Relationships

KZN ANC spokesman Mafika Mndebele, chairman Siboniso Duma, President Cyril Ramaphosa and Thembo Ntuli. Photo by Jabulani Langa

To address the claim made by the US envoy to SA, Rueben Brigety, that a Russian vessel had loaded arms and ammo in Mzansi, President Cyril Ramaphosa dispatched a South African team to the US.

The president said his national security adviser, Sydney Mufamadi, leads the team. Mr. President spoke on Saturday, 13 May, during his trip to KZN with the NWC members to meet the eThekwini region at the Durban Playhouse. Mr. President said Mzansi still has the US as one of its biggest trade partners and the country cannot be overlooked. “There is a partner to deal with seriously. They are the largest economy in the world, and we trade with them,” he said.

“We sell things to them, and they sell things to us, and they have given Africa trading opportunities abroad. Our goods and products go to the United States without tariffs,” said Mr. President.

President Ramaphosa said the US also has a role in global politics. “So, with the number of things that had happened, we felt duty bound to send people to the United States to go and clarify certain things. For instance, the United States needed greater clarification on our side in relation to the Russia and Ukraine conflict,”.

Mr. President said Mzansi still supports its choice to stay neutral and urges Russia and Ukraine to resolve their dispute through talks. He said a retired judge will probe the claim that a vessel with arms from South Africa to Russia was loaded, through an inquiry he is establishing.

He said he had phone conversations with Russian and Ukraine leaders on Friday, 12 May, and encouraged them to end their dispute through talks. At the same time, it is claimed that Ramaphosa and the NWC members came to KZN to disband the KZN provincial executive committee because the party had lost the by-election.

KZN ANC chairman Siboniso Duma denied the claim to Daily Sun and said the party in the province was still doing well.

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Source: AMBASSADOR’S CLAIMS: Ramaphosa sends delegation to US! | Daily Sun (snl24.com)

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