” We no longer best of friends”


Saturday, 20 May 2023

Nadia Nakai and Bonang Matheba were once dear companions, however the two seemed to have floated separated after Nadia begun dating Otherwise known as, Matheba’s ex. The two ladies have not been seen together out in the open from that point forward, and supposedly have unfollowed each other via virtual entertainment. Also known as and Matheba separated in 2017 in the wake of dating for quite a long time. Soon after the separation.

In a meeting in 2018, Nakai uncovered that she was “hurt” by the manner in which Matheba had responded to her relationship with Also known as. Notwithstanding this, Matheba has never openly remarked on their kinship

In the new time of Youthful, Popular and African Nadia Nakai shed all the more light into the matter. She uncovered that she and Bonang, who joined the unscripted TV drama this season, were as of now not dear companions. Nakai focused on that it had nothing to do with Also known as except for something that had occurred earlier. At the point when Bonang strolled into the room, Nadia and Khanyi Mbau left.


Youthful, Well known and African is a Netflix unscripted tv series that follows the existences of a gathering of princely and popular youngsters from across Africa as they explore their vocations, connections, and individual lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. The show debuted on Walk 18, 2022.


Otherwise known as, genuine name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes and Nadia Nakai were seeing someone 2021 to 2023. The two seemed, by all accounts, to be frantically enamored and meant well for each other before Also known as’ unfavorable passing in February 2023.


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