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We are NOT going to bring the ANC through a back door – EFF Malema says


The conflict between the Economic Freedom Fighters and the African National Congress is getting stronger every day. The two political parties have been fighting since their creation. Julius Malema, who is the leader of the African National Congress, is a well-spoken man who does not indulge in hypocrisy and that is the main reason why many South Africans and members of the African National Congress hate him.

He always speaks the truth whenever a problem comes his way, but his importance in South African politics is still not taken seriously. When Julius Malema talks about his new intentions for the upcoming presidential election and how he will do the ANC if there is any chance he emerges as president in 2024. He said that “we will not at the back door beyond the ANC.”

We will push the politics of the EFF through the door.” Many people were surprised to hear Malema criticize the ANC in this way. He should be respectful when describing the party because many people will easily describe his character as someone who is looking for a way to win the hearts of the people by undermining his colleagues. Politics is a game that everyone works hard to win.

The fact that we have the opportunity to talk about political experience does not mean that we have to offend our colleagues. We are facing many problems now, what we need most is how to solve them not how the EFF will rule the country. 

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