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Watch Video Explaining Why Dr Nandipha Looks Glamorous In Court, Skills Offered To Inmates In Prison

Dr Nandipha has become the talk of the town for her alleged involvement in a number of crimes together with her partner, Thabo Bester. The duo has been accused of various charges, including aiding Bester’s escape from prison. While awaiting trial, Dr Nandipha has been making her court appearances, and her appearance has caught the attention of many.

Despite being held in prison, Dr Nandipha has maintained her glamorous look, looking like she was not in prison but in the comfort of her own home. This has left many people questioning whether she is actually being held in prison or not. While this may seem like a mystery to some, the truth is that many prisons offer various skills to inmates, including beauty services.


The Correctional Service Centres are more than just walls and prison cells, they are designed to offer inmates the opportunity to develop new skills, gain education and access to healthcare. In addition, many prisons offer programs that are geared towards helping inmates to become self-sufficient once released. These programs include vocational training, where inmates learn skills such as welding, fixing cars, sewing, making beds for public hospitals, and even beauty services.


Therefore, the question of how female prisoners have access to beauty services is easily answered. Many prisons offer training programs in cosmetology services, and the inmates are then able to offer these services to other inmates and even visitors. This is most likely how Dr Nandipha has been able to maintain her looks while in prison.



It is important to note that just because someone is in prison, it does not mean that they are denied access to their basic rights and needs. In fact, most prisons are designed to offer inmates the necessary support they need to re-integrate into society once they are released. These support systems include vocational training programs that can help an inmate gain work experience and develop new skills, making them more viable in the workforce.


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