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WATCH| Norway Is In Hot water After He Made This statement

VIDEO | Norway says it will always appreciate its bilateral ties with South Africa. Norwegian ambassador Gjermund Saether says they are working on a number of issues with Pretoria. rb.gy/j5gc0

In a recent video statement, the Norwegian ambassador to South Africa, Gjermund Saether, expressed Norway’s enduring appreciation for its bilateral ties with the country. Saether highlighted that the two nations are actively collaborating on various issues and emphasized the significance of their ongoing partnership.

The video message, shared on social media platforms, showcased the ambassador’s optimism regarding the relationship between Norway and South Africa. Saether affirmed that the cooperation between the two countries remains robust, and both parties are actively engaged in addressing important matters of mutual interest.

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While the specific issues being worked on were not explicitly mentioned in the video, it is expected that the bilateral discussions encompass a wide range of areas such as trade, investment, development cooperation, and climate change. Norway has been actively involved in supporting sustainable development initiatives globally, and its partnership with South Africa likely extends to these crucial areas as well.

Norway’s commitment to maintaining strong ties with South Africa reflects the mutual benefits derived from such a relationship. The ambassador’s statement underscores the significance of cooperation and collaboration in addressing shared challenges and achieving common goals.

The video message serves as a reaffirmation of Norway’s long-standing support for South Africa’s development and progress. It also signifies the intention of both nations to continue working together to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.

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The link provided in the statement directs viewers to further information regarding the video message. This demonstrates the ambassador’s intention to ensure transparency and accessibility in communicating Norway’s commitment to its bilateral relationship with South Africa.


As the partnership between Norway and South Africa progresses, it is expected that more collaborative efforts will be undertaken to address pressing global issues. The pledge of ongoing cooperation from Norway indicates the enduring nature of the bond between the two nations and the potential for further fruitful engagements in the future.


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