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Watch: Mpho Phalatse and husband going to Ennerdale to campaign for their respective rival parties

When Mpho Phalatse was a Mayor of Joburg, she was a single mother of 3. Then at the end of last year, she met a man from Venda by the name of Brutus Malada who was engaged to Ntaka Tshifaro and they were staying together in Sandton since their meeting in 2020. They were planning to get married. But when Mpho Phalatse met this man, he changed his mind about his fiance, Ntaka Tshifaro and dumped her at the last minute for Mpho Phalatse. Brutus Malada is ActionSA’s strategist, research consultant. It seem like Mpho is happy in his arms and she glows, she stopped being active on Twitter. 

Mpho Phalatse shared a video of herself in a car and said, “At Saturday morning, there is by-elections in Ward 7 in Ennerdale, I am going there to compaign for my party [DA]. But hey. I am not alone, I got a company. And said to Malada, say, Hello

Her husband said, Sho. Mpho Phalatse asked him, Where are you going. He said I am going to the bi elections in Ennerdale to support my party. And Mpho asked him what are you wearing. He said I am Action. Mpho giggling said, wrong colour. Sye Saud it is going to be interested the man said, let’s fix South Africa and she said, the DA gets things done.

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