WATCH: father of Teboho Lipholo became emotional during an interview with Chriseldalewis

WATCH: father of Teboho Lipholo became emotional during an interview with Chriseldalewis

Everything we done in the hiding or secretly it will find a way to come out Teboho Lipholo father speakbout for the first time since his son Teboho Lipholo got involved in the Bester Thabo escape Saga, his son called the police and confessed about his involvement this was another sign that he was caught up and got mixed-up with bad people.

Father of Teboho Lipholo said he son became too secretive, that secret he kept from him broke his heart because he didn’t brought him on earth to become a trouble in the community, and he was not raised to be involved in crime but this breaks my heart”.

Teboho Lipholo’s father cries on the interview with Chriseldalewis of SABC, a parent that raised a child with hard earned money will always be saddened by the actions of his child. The father says he is shocked about the involvement of his son, and that he was paid R40 000 when the court revealed what Teboho Lipholo has done.


Accused number 3: Teboho Lipholo his father become emotional following the involvement of his son on the Bester Thabo escape Saga, apperently Teboho he was working as the CCTV installer and at the CCTV camera control room. He was paid R40 000 for his involvement on the jailbreak plan, this will obviously be disappointing for a father to know that his son got himself into trouble because of R40 000.

The saying will remain true that what was done in the dark will show when the sun rise, the people that got involved in the case thought the truth wouldn’t come out, and everyone that got involved is under hot water since the truth is unfolding.

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