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Viral- Davido sleeping with South African hun Wandi and paying her for the deed

WATCH: Davido sleeping with South African hun Wandi Ndlovu and paying her 200 for the deed

Wandi Ndlovu was the featured guest on the recent episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG and the girl had a lot to say.During the interview Wandi Ndlovu revealed that she had sex with Davido in 2021 when he was performing at Konka night club in Soweto.

According to the adult entertainer and adult content creator Wandi Ndlovu, her table was very close to the stage at Konka where Davido was performing. During Davido’s performance she kept screaming and that’s how she got his attention.

When Davido noticed her, he allegedly kept looking at her and she would blow him kisses. After his performance, Davido instructed his security detail to fetch Wandi from her table and bring her to him.

Wandi says she was also asked if she was with friends and she said yes and then she was told she could bring them along. Wandi went back to the table where she was seated with her friends and she fetched her friends and they were escorted by Davido’s security detail.

Wandi further revealed that Davido’s Cassava is very nice and it also has peanuts lunch bar. 

This is actually a common practice among convicts, they put beats inside the skin of their cassava making it rough and studded.

After the nice time with Davido, Wandi says she only got 200 which was given to her by Davido’s security personnel. 

Wandi also revealed that she was actually hoping that after giving Davido tlof tlof, she would receive enough money to can afford to buy her mother a house and a car since Davido is an international star.


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