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Unathi replied to a comment and reveals that she has been accused of doing this. She what



Unathi is a South African singer and radio presenter. She is also well-known for once being a judge on South African idols which is one of the biggest singing competition in South Africa. She was a judge on this competition for a very long time. She lately posted pictures of herself in a golf course in Soweto. Looking at the pictures she posted we could clearly see that she had an amazing time there as she looked very happy.

She also revealed in one of her comments that it was her first time there and said that it was a very beautiful place. However some people on social media noticed the jacket she was wearing and commented on it. Some were even asking how much was that jacket, as they looked interested in buying it. However in one of the replies that Unathi made she revealed that she has been accused of being tribalism in the past and did not want to engage further in the name of the brand of the jacket she was wearing.



Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing these pictures.



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