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Tumi claims DJ Blackcoffee has been shinning more after his divorce

DJ Blackcoffee is someone who is always focusing on his lane and keeps sharing his beautiful moments on social media. Tumi has noticed how he looks amazing, claiming that it comes after his divorce. But he had made it clear that he would not get married again, but he is not living a single lifestyle, and the person whom he is dating, he has not shared who that person is.

From the pictures that he is shooting, it may be possible that some of them are of his partner. When it comes to fashion, he does not disappoint, and making sure that it does not come very easily for some people who will want to know the prices. He knows that all the time they will search for the price of his clothes, and that is why he is hiding the brand to make it difficult for those who are ready to check for the price tag of his clothes.

It is great to see him posting on social media and being happy about his life. He has a great time spending it with his mother. They also had a longer time, which was for Mother’s Day, but he did not reveal where they had been on that day. It is possible that they were somewhere around the world since DJ Blackcoffee’s gig guide has not taken him to around Europe.

DJ Blackcoffee has been announced as the first South African DJ to headline the event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, USA. The capacity of the venue is 20,789. That is a huge number of people to perform for, and they are expected to be there to listen to their performers. He had been praised for the amount of work, record-breaking, and representing Africa.6ce49f9cb87d4373b381a47d2aaab17a?quality=uhq&resize=720

The South African DJ has been on an amazing journey, and he announced that when he gets to 50, he will still be in the music industry, but he will no longer perform to a lot of gigs. For now, he does not have a problem gigging all the time, as he is flying from one gig to the next. Now he is about to make history, and many are excited about him being the headliner of the event.fcdfd7f244a34d579f52af92d60e30ae?quality=uhq&resize=7201f9b3e3fbf3e42c6b278dec23e557a29?quality=uhq&resize=7209c28a131c22c4513809a624215b777bb?quality=uhq&resize=720

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