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Tony Yengeni Slams ANC Bigwig

In response to the revelation that the premier of the Eastern Cape is supposedly one of those with a “sham degree,” Tony Yengeni, a veteran of the ANC, has expressed his opinion.


An ANC power player is being accused of doing this for the second time. In addition, a minister was mentioned who allegedly used dubious methods to get her degrees.

Despite the fact that Tony Yengeni is also an ANC member, he did not hesitate to comment on this subject. He asserted that it is inappropriate for politicians to consistently pursue higher education through questionable means.

“This is so bad. They are now even stealing university degrees .. ! Where are the Hawks?” Tony Yengeni said as he was left in shock by this revelation.

Tony Yengeni appears to be angry about this issue. He insisted repeatedly that it is necessary to look into the issue of politicians obtaining degrees in dubious ways. 

Bantu Holomisa, the chairman of the United Democratic Movement, handed president Cyril Ramaphosa a deadline to suspend the national director of public prosecutions. Her suitability to hold office has to be investigated, he claimed, because she is incompetent.

“These individuals have ruined and brought down the entire court system. Today, they even steal academic degrees, according to Tony Yengeni.


According to social commentators, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these guys would keep robbing until there is nothing left to take. Once more given the responsibility to investigate this issue, President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“If president Cyril Ramaphosa was serious about eradicating corruption, Oscar Mabuyane should have been recalled and summoned by the ANC Integrity committeel


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