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The family of a South African actor Siyabonga Shibe revealed that he lost everything he owned

The family of South African celebrity Siyabonga Shibe contacted a columnist to explain that Shibe has lost his car, job, home, and other valuables due to his involvement with a woman who calls herself “her little girl.”

Mr. Nathi Shibe, his brother, Stanley Shibe, the younger brother of his original father, and Mr. Bonfas Shibe, his own father, were there for the meeting.

Mr. Bonfas Shibe, Siyabonga’s father, told a journalist that things were going well between his son and the rest of the family until he acknowledged a woman who introduced herself as “her little girl.”

Since this woman has introduced herself as Shibe, the family has suggested that she take a DNA test to verify her claims. They claimed that the results were positive, but when they dug the DNA company’s supplier, they discovered that it was a fake, as they had previously demonstrated. This company, they said, “shows up in desk work,” while another company, “manages Building meterials,” and they confirmed to the source that she made all that to win all that Siyabonga has.

They tried to warn Siyabonga about the girl, but he allegedly preferred not to listen. The girl told him that her mother worked overseas and that she would receive R1 billion from her mother, and that she wanted Shibe to obtain it for her, so that she could give him R50 million in return. The celebrity in question has started selling his cars from his Ridgeway, JHB, garage, which is known for its refined taste.


They claim to have learned details about the child’s mother, who they have never met despite the fact that the child’s father claims to know her and that the two had been dating for some time. Family members claim that Siyabonga intentionally intervened to prevent harm to those he cared about. Since he can’t go on with his regular life, they say he must have worked with this woman in the past.


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