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Thato laughs as she said that Gash1 looks like her father. See this


Thato and Gash1 are former Big Brother mzansi season 3 contestant who went beyond the top ten of the show. Gash1 was even the runner up of this competition. It was clear to see that people really liked seeing them on the show. They also ended up falling in love with each other during the show. Even after the show they continued seeing each other and are recently married.

People on social media really seem to like seeing them together, as people were even referring to them as Tash1. Recently her Instagram account Thato posted pictures of her and Gash1. A number of people reacted to these pictures, as some even made comments that stated that this is the best couple that was on Big Brother mzansi. Thato and Gash1 are the only couple left from the big brother show that are still dating.


In one of the comments made the was a person who said that Thato and Gash1 are starting to look alike. Thato then replied to this comment by laughing and saying that Gash1 looks like her father. However looking at these pictures that Thato posted we could clearly see that Thato an and Gash1 are very happy together.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing these pictures that Thato posted.


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