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Thando Says Siyacela Blows Up Effectively And When He Does He Beat Her


Siyacela concedes that he beats his better half Thando, he says this was the initial time beating her yet Thando says it isn’t.This episode truly disturbs many individuals across South Africa.


The manner in which Siyacela depicted how it resembles to beat his significant other, he appears as though he is glad for his activities and it is extremely off-base. Siyacela is youthful to include himself with this sort of a way of behaving, and I question in the event that he will at any point change since he has been exceptionally ill bred even before his dad passed on.

Siyacela won’t quit mishandling his significant other in light of the fact that he sees nothing amiss with it. He is in any event, doing before their child. Mishandling a lady whether it is truly or sincerely it is as yet a wrongdoing and he was doing it on the public TV.

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