Suspects Accused In Meyiwa Case Burst Out In Laughter As Khumalo Testified & Pointed At Them

Suspects Accused In Meyiwa Case Burst Out In Laughter As Khumalo Testified & Pointed At Them

In a shocking turn of events at the high court in Pretoria, the accused in the murder trial of Senzo Meyiwa were seen laughing, giggling, and shaking their heads as singer Zandile Khumalo took the stand to testify. Khumalo recounted the terrifying incident in which two intruders entered her family home, resulting in the tragic death of soccer star Senzo Meyiwa.

During her testimony, Khumalo described how the intruders broke into her mother’s home in Vosloorus, on the East Rand, and demanded cellphones. She revealed that Longwe Twala, a friend present at the scene, pushed one of the men and ran away, while Meyiwa bravely fought against another intruder. Khumalo even attempted to defend herself by striking one of the assailants with Tumelo Madlala’s crutches. However, a gunshot rang out, and she was struck in the foot by a spark from the bullet. Fearing for her life, Khumalo sought refuge in the bathroom and heard two more gunshots. When she finally emerged from hiding, she discovered an empty passage and dining room.

Prior to Khumalo’s testimony, there was much drama and delays as she applied for her testimony not to be broadcast live. However, her request was eventually denied, and her emotional account of the events unfolded before the court. Khumalo did not hold back, directly confronting the accused during her testimony. She pointed at Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, one of the defendants, as one of the intruders who entered the house on that fateful night in October 2014. Ntanzi met her gaze but remained silent.


Khumalo also revealed that on the night of the incident, she, her sister Kelly Khumalo, their mother Gladness, Meyiwa, Twala, and Meyiwa’s close friends Madlala and Mthokozisi Thwala were gathered in the dining room. She mentioned that Kelly had cracked a joke just before the intrusion occurred. As she recounted the events, Khumalo sobbed and pointed at Ntanzi, stating, “While we were listening to her speaking, two gentlemen entered the house, that one in particular [Ntanzi].”

However, Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela intervened and instructed Khumalo not to address the accused directly. The defense counsel for Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya and Ntanzi, Adv Sipho Ramosepele, also objected to Khumalo’s outburst.


Khumalo continued her testimony, revealing that the intruders demanded money and cellphones upon entering the house. She vividly recalled the appearance of the two assailants, with one of them sporting dreadlocks and carrying a firearm. The other intruder stood in the middle of the kitchen. The one with dreadlocks pointed his gun at the occupants and spoke in isiZulu. Khumalo recalled the shock and uncertainty that gripped everyone in the room. Suddenly, she heard the distinct click of a gun, followed by Longwe’s brave act of pushing the intruder with dreadlocks.

The courtroom was left in a state of disbelief as the accused showed a lack of remorse and empathy, openly displaying laughter and amusement during Khumalo’s harrowing testimony. The actions of the defendants further underscored the gravity of the case and the impact it has had on the victims’ families.


As the trial progresses, the prosecution will continue to present evidence and call witnesses to shed light on the events surrounding Senzo Meyiwa’s tragic death.

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