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Sunday Times reveals inside scoop about former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe’s daughters divorce

The award winning Sunday Times has exclusively revealed the inside scoop about the divorce proceedings of former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona Mugabe.

Sim­barashe Chikore, 46, the estranged husband of former pres­id­ent Robert Mugabe’s daugh­ter, Bona, 32 spoke to the Sunday Times.

Bona blames his “activ­it­ies out­side mar­riage” for the end of the rela­tion­ship, which she says can­not be saved. She wants main­ten­ance of $2,700 a month for their chil­dren.

In his respond­ing papers, Chikore denies that the mar­riage is bey­ond repair and appears to take a swipe at her fam­ily, say­ing he and Mugabe could be reunited “through proper, genu­ine, hol­istic coun­selling and fam­ily sup­port rather than fam­ily inter­fer­ence and per­sonal agen­das”.

He says noth­ing about her alleg­a­tions of infi­del­ity but insists he “never stopped lov­ing my wife” and that the mar­riage had been “bliss­ful”, even though they “exper­i­enced chal­lenges like any young mar­ried couple”.


In court papers filed in their divorce case, Chikore says he and Mugabe amassed a for­tune dur­ing their nine-year mar­riage. He lists a prop­erty port­fo­lio includ­ing an $8m (about R154m) man­sion in Dubai, 21 farms in Zim­b­abwe and 25 houses and stands worth mil­lions of dol­lars.

On top of that are 16 lux­ury cars, cash in US dol­lars and UAE dirhams and masses of farm equip­ment and vehicles.

But Mugabe, who filed divorce papers in the Har­are high court in March, accus­ing her air­line pilot hus­band of cheat­ing on her, says he is try­ing to tar­nish her image in the divorce pro­ceed­ings.


Speak­ing to the Sunday Times through her law­yer, Fun­gai Chim­wamur­ombe, Mugabe said the couple did not own so many prop­er­ties.

“She is not happy and obvi­ously we are going to pre­pare the neces­sary doc­u­ment­a­tion to prove to the world that those assets are not owned by Bona. Some of the land men­tioned is actu­ally on offer let­ters to other people and Bona has no interest what­so­ever,” the law­yer said.

The couple were mar­ried in 2014 at the pala­tial Har­are home of Bona’s par­ents Robert and Grace Mugabe, known as the Blue Roof man­sion. The lav­ish wed­ding was broad­cast live on state tele­vi­sion and atten­ded by sev­eral African heads of state, celebrit­ies, dip­lo­mats and exec­ut­ives.


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