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So sad: tears drop as EFF lose a strong patriotic member bro Willie


Lovely people meet the solid warrior Brother Willie from Spruitview, the one who speaks plainly, the snapshot of him battling for a superior South Africa.

He always remember battling some unacceptable individuals who attacked the country in without a doubt, he is a warrior from kasie where many are considered battling for a superior South Africa. Many missed his certifiable authority characteristics, since he is bra very educated and knowledgeable with African history and governmental issues at large.

He is well lucid and drives east point across in most radio television shows effortlessly. I think it is fair of me to articulate him a political virtuoso, yet no good thing keep going for ever.

The Dudula has today morned for the travel to greatness of Brother Willie, and guaranteed never to quit battling for South Africa great. The issue is that individuals come unlawfully, the public authority fails to address it, and it is elusive them when they perpetrate a wrongdoing. As a matter of fact, our specialty needs to uphold it on the grounds that the current regulations are not implemented.


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