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Sello Maake KaNcube and Zandie Khumalo in a Heated Feud (SEE)

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On Monday afternoon, a social media showdown took place between the famous singer Zandile Khumalo-Gumede and the actor Sello Maake ka Ncube. The singer, who is expected to testify this week, claimed that the actor was seeking attention by posting a series of Tweets that condemned her and her relatives.

Sello showed his solidarity with the Meyiwa family on Twitter. “What is happening with this #SenzoMeyiwamatter is so heartbreaking. I know the pain of losing a son and the hurt is no child’s display! These people are proving to be so heartless, why can’t this Zandi person testify on camera when she claims to be a celebrity? Some of us didn’t even know of her till the Senzo matter!. This is truly annoying what these people are doing to this family! The sooner she testifies the sooner she can go to her ‘quiet’ and so called private life! This is really the worst form of injustice!” Sello Maake KaNcube wrote.

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Sello told Daily Sun in an exclusive interview that he made the statement to back up the Meyiwa family.

“I can relate to the Meyiwa family as a parent who has lost a son. It’s something you never recover from as a parent,” Sello said.

“It’s hard to accept that your own child is gone. My son’s case was never solved or closed because it was not properly investigated as it was a case of negligent killing. To this day I’m yet to know the real truth as to what happened for my son to have been the only person who died in that accident,” he continued. 

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“Senzo’s father passed away without having seen justice for his son. I’m a father and a parent myself, and I can only wonder how Senzo’s mother feels. This devastating to say the least,” he added. 

He said he was not commenting on the legal aspects or the validity of the case.

“These people seem to have enjoyed a good life with Senzo. One would think that they would want to do everything they can to reveal the truth by any means possible. It’s puzzling that they want to set conditions for their court appearance. I’m a fan of Orlando Pirates and my father was a goalkeeper for Orlando Pirates so this is almost personal for me,” Sello Maake KaNcube.

Daily Sun contacted Zandie for a response and she confirmed that she applied to prevent the broadcast of her cross-examination. She said she has seen people’s fury but she was not concerned.

“I have noticed people’s remarks and all the criticism that’s aimed at me but I’m not bothered. The public wants me to be compassionate to the Meyiwa family, they want fellow artists to rebuke and shun me. At this point I really have nothing to say, the court must judge,” she said.

On Monday, one of the witnesses requested the court not to allow the broadcast of the proceedings. This request was opposed by defense lawyers and there’s been a public outrage from the public.


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