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Scandal: The Real Reason Why Amo Is Out Of Jail | “The System Is Flawed” |

Scandal: The Real Reason Why Amo Is Out Of Jail

Latest episode:

Hlengi’s outrage builds and she’s on the verge of jumping into the deep end. Andries urges Nhlamulo to do the right thing. Layla is made an offer she can’t refuse.


Dintle surprisingly met Amo at Levels. Amo wants to have a talk with Dintle and Hlengi but Dintle declined that. Amo apparently wants to apologize to them, he wants a fresh start. Dintle told Hlengi about her meeting with Amo, she thought she was also going to decline the meet up but it looks like Hlengi wants to meet him.


Bridget’s mother had a talk with Bridget, she fails to understand why her daughter is with a man that does not seem to be ready to take things seriously. Hlengi found the person that handled Amo’s case, his name is Percy. Dintle announced the new owner to the NFH stuff, they are surprised and happy she is the owner.

6a600067340f429086e04587caa859ba?quality=uhq&resize=720Nhlamulo’s father told Nhlamulo to start take his relationship with Bridget serious if he loves her. He believes Bridget is the right person because she loves their sons and Larona. Nhlamulo is not willing to move on anytime soon, he still loves Lindiwe. Hlengi met Amo, she is only willing to talk if Amo tells her the truth about the people that helped him get out of jail.

8ff78a0549e84ea6b1bc5eccdde36408?quality=uhq&resize=720Amo said he got out because he helped prosecutors to get his cell mate to talk. Hlengi told the Izigigaba viewers Amo is out of jail, she wants answers. The police are not doing anything about his sudden release, “The system is flawed” said Hlengi.

Next: Connie’s DNA test results are out, Amo is going to pay Hlengi a visit at work.

Here’s a link to some part of the episode:

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