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SA Laugh at Western Cape Premier’s Vladimir Putin Arrest Plan: Gangsters or Global Leader

Africans make fun of the Western Cape Vladimir Putin’s arrest: Who’s Easier to Capture, Gangsters or World Leaders?

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde made the startling announcement that Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) personnel would be given the go-ahead to detain Russian President Vladimir Putin if he were to visit the Western Cape.

This audacious claim follows the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) issuance of a warrant for Putin’s alleged involvement in the invasion of Ukraine. TimesLive reports that in addition to criticizing Putin, Winde also criticized President Cyril Ramaphosa for having extended an invitation to the Russian president to visit South Africa despite the existence of an open arrest warrant. The problem was made worse by the ambiguity surrounding the South African government’s decision to leave the ICC.

Yet, South Africans’ reactions to Winde’s assertion were a combination of humor and scepticism. Several people were quick to draw attention to the persistent difficulties that law enforcement continues to confront in dealing with regional criminal elements, such gangsters in the Western Cape. Sarcastic comments illustrating the glaring difference between Winde’s assertion and the situation as it actually is were widely shared on social media sites.

South Africans welcomed President Putin with open arms as word of Premier Winde’s allegation circulated. Several people questioned Winde’s strategy to detain one of the most influential figures in the world while also attempting to capture Western Cape-based crime bosses.

Humor was prevalent in the reactions on social media, with some speculating that given the apparent warm greeting Putin has received from the South African populace, Putin may choose to deal with Winde on an individual basis. Others underscored the significant contrast in power relations, pointing out that Putin is in charge of a nation with nuclear weapons.

Despite the initial ridicule and skepticism, murmurs of eagerness could be heard, with some South Africans expressing their interest in seeing such a rare event. It was also evident that the bulk of the populace thought Winde’s assertion to be nothing more than a fantasy.


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