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Ramaphosa’s Message on National Shutdown — Should South Africans Expect Another Marikana?

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s message that, “Disorder and anarchy will not be allowed in South Africa” is an obvious one. In fact, it needs no explanation. Then the second part where he clearly says that, “We will not allow those who want to spread anarchy to do what they like here in South Africa” is a seal that the president is ready. The president’s message regarding the upcoming national shutdown is very clear, he will never allow anarchy. This message has sent fear and chill into many South Africans who think that the Marikana incident may play out again. Recall that before the infamous Marikana massacre, it was alleged that Cyril Ramaphosa sent an email ordering a concomitant action against the workers. The EFF on the other hand has said that there is no going back on the national shutdown. The nation is divided on this issue. While some people are supporting the national shutdown, some people are also vehemently kicking against it.




Furthermore, president Cyril Ramaphosa has told security forces to stand ready should the protesters result in violence. This is also coming after the president opined the EFF of electioneering in the national shutdown, saying that they are using it to prepare for the next year’s election. However, the EFF on the other hand has said that this is beyond politics, urging other political parties, civil unions and societies to join in the shutdown. An ANC member from KwaZulu-Natal, Mfoka Jobe has said that the handlers of President Cyril Ramaphosa are already shaking. He also added, “They are panicking now they are talking about anarchy a script from the DA, this shows how much Cyril Ramaphosa doesn’t respect black people, there is a protest from the people who are not happy, he mobilised his Ministers and himself to address anarchy that is on his head alone”. Now that the president has ordered security forces to stand ready, will this be a replay of the infamous Marikana incident?




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