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Ramaphosa Gets Lambasted On Twitter As He Says SA Is Not The Only Country Affected By Power Crisis



It is becoming unfortunate for the people of South Africa who can’t think carefully about what they want. This is because they mostly blamed those that have kept the ruling party for a while as they failed to remove them by voting. The issue of voting in South Africa is becoming a bad habit and this is because are tired of voting since the majority want to keep the ANC in power.

The elderly people are likely going to keep the African National Congress in power for what they did a few years back as they fought for their freedom. The only the African National Congress managed to capture from the apartheid regime government was to get political freedom that is not doing any freedom for the people. It is not a secret that the black community is still poor from the decision that was made by the African National Congress in 1995 when democracy was implemented.


The current African National Congress president by the name of Cyril Ramaphosa gets lambasted on Twitter after he made this revelation about the power crisis. This is because he just said that what is happening in South Africa is also happening in other countries. He didn’t specify the countries that are having the same problem as South Africa.

This also made people on Twitter say that the reason why we don’t have electricity is because of the corruption that was allowed to happen. With only a few months left for the African National Congress to know their fate on whether they deserve to be the ruling party or not. It will just reveal that the people have decided to keep the ANC in power or not and this is because they fail to keep the lights on.



What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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