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Queen Lolly Threatened me: Mseleku

Sharing Knowledge and Meeting Queen Lolly:

Mpumelelo Mseleku acknowledged that he initially connected with Queen Lolly due to their shared involvement in the entertainment industry. The purpose of their interaction was to exchange knowledge and experiences, especially since Mpumelelo also works with artists. The initial intention behind their connection was purely professional but one thing led to another. They got involved romantically.


The Exposure and Unfolding Events:

Mpumelelo chose to distance himself from Queen Lolly when she exposed other artists and celebrities through newspaper articles, particularly in the Isolezwe publication. It was during this period that the first podcast episode was released. Queen Lolly revealed in the second podcast episode that she was having a romantic involvement with Mpumelelo. The way she revealed the details was too graphic for Musa to stomach.

According to Mpumelelo, Queen Dolly did threaten him before the exposure on the second episode, because Mpumelelo chose to break up with her after the newspaper article.

Mpumelelo told Queen Lolly to go ahead and expose him because he won’t be the first person to get exposed for having a romantic relationship.

Queen Lolly went ahead and released the audio.


Handling the Situation:

When the news broke up, Queen Lolly exposed other celebrities in the newspaper, and in the first episode, Mpumelelo took it upon himself to discuss the situation with his 2 girlfriends(polygamy relationship) to clarify the circumstances, mentioned in the newspaper article, before the second episode, were Mopumelelo was exposed. However, matters escalated when Queen Lolly proceeded to release more details on the second episode of the podcast, further intensifying the situation.

Personal Feelings and Legal Action:

Mpumelelo expressed his disbelief and frustration, stating that nobody in their right mind would publicly expose their past relationships or ex-partners in such a manner. The impact on his personal life was significant, and even his mother was deeply upset by the situation.


In response to the controversy, Mpumelelo decided to take legal action against Queen Lolly, citing defamation of character as the grounds for his case. He firmly believed that her actions disrespected not only him but also the Mseleku family name. The legal proceedings are currently ongoing, as he seeks to restore his reputation.

Mpumelelo seeks justice and hopes to restore his name and reputation. The outcome of this controversy will have significant implications for both individuals involved and could set a precedent for future instances of public exposure and the consequences that follow.

Source: watch from 17 to 18 minutes

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