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Pinky Was Involved In An Accident, Instead Of Sympathy From People, She Got These Instead

South African socialite, Pinky Pinky, was recently involved in a car accident, which has put her in the news once again. Not long before the accident, Pinky Pinky made a controversial statement while the police were searching her vehicle. She was overheard saying, “I can’t be in the sun, it’s not good for my skin. I can’t be turning dark like I am from Limpopo.” This statement has drawn criticism from many people, especially those from Limpopo, a province in South Africa.

Many people have expressed their disappointment in Pinky Pinky’s statement, stating that she should be respectful of people from Limpopo. They argue that there is nothing wrong with having dark skin, and being from Limpopo should not be viewed as a negative thing. In fact, many people from Limpopo are proud of their heritage and culture, and their dark skin is a symbol of that.

However, some people have resorted to attacking Pinky Pinky’s appearance, calling her ugly and stating that she should not be making such statements. While these comments are hurtful and unnecessary, it is important to address the issue at hand – the perpetuation of harmful beauty standards.

This incident highlights the need to challenge and dismantle beauty standards that prioritize lighter skin tones. Skin-lightening products are widely used in many African countries, and they can have severe health consequences. We should celebrate diversity in all forms and stop perpetuating harmful beauty standards that harm individuals and communities.


While Pinky Pinky’s comment has caused controversy, it provides an opportunity to address the need for greater acceptance of diversity and the importance of challenging harmful beauty standards.


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