Paul Mashatile under fire from angry social media users, See what he said that get people talking

Paul Mashatile under fire from angry social media users, See what he said that get people talking

Deputy President Paul Mashatile has come under fire from social media users after expressing his deep concern over the alarming rise in unemployment rates within specific sectors of the economy. Startling data from Statistics South Africa reveals a 0.2% increase in the overall unemployment level, with the construction sector bearing the brunt of this crisis.

During a visit to the province of Pietermaritzburg, Mashatile addressed a Human Resources Development Council gathering, aiming to oversee and assess the situation. Comprising cabinet ministers, government officials, and academics, the council’s objective is to assist the government in streamlining its programs for greater efficiency.


Mashatile emphasized that despite these distressing trends, the agricultural sector has managed to create employment opportunities, providing a ray of hope amidst the prevailing economic downturn. However, he drew attention to the recent release of Stat SA’s quarterly labor survey for the first quarter of 2023, which reveals a concerning 0.2% rise in the official unemployment rate when compared to the previous quarter of 2022.

Among the industries impacted by this disheartening shift, the construction sector has experienced a decline in employment opportunities. On a positive note, Stat SA’s report also highlights the agricultural sector as one of the three sectors with the highest employment growth. The current unemployment situation demands urgent attention that the ANC is not ready to give and some decisive action to address the challenges faced by affected sectors.



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