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Opinion || The ANC Elections || The ANC’s loss of credibility in democratic processes

The ANC’s loss of credibility in democratic processes

The ANC’s loss of credibility in democratic processes was evident during the party’s recent conference. ANCYL delegates, dressed in full ANC regalia, showed a clear preference for a specific leadership composition, as they begged for nominations to be closed for leadership positions [1].

This lack of contestation and the absence of strong opposition candidates raise concerns about the party’s commitment to democratic processes. The ANC’s future leaders have shown themselves to be incapable of holding peaceful, orderly, and non-violent elections, which undermines confidence in the party and discourages the youth from considering joining or voting for the ANC [2].

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has attempted to assert itself in various areas, such as advocating for a more significant role in the Brics bloc. The league’s deputy convenor, Fasiha Hassan, emphasized the need for a Brics youth secretariat that would have a say in conversations regarding important issues affecting the trading bloc, such as technology, energy, education, conflict, and healthcare [3].

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However, while the ANCYL aims to play a leading role in uniting progressive youth formations across Africa, the state of disorganization among young people on the continent remains a significant challenge [4]. The ANCYL needs to address these issues and push for democratic processes not only within the ANC but also in neighboring countries like Zimbabwe, where free and fair elections are essential [5].

Concerns were raised about the credibility of the ANC conference, particularly regarding the adoption of credentials. Some regions and branches expressed concerns about a membership audit prior to the conference, leading to last-minute meetings to address these issues [6].

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The ANC leadership sent a high-level delegation to the conference to ensure that fights over conference outlines were resolved. However, the ANCYL needs to take the issues impacting young people more seriously and pressure the ANC to fulfill its promises of job creation and address the dangers of corruption [7]. Holding those who steal from the state and citizens accountable is crucial, and urgent action is needed to address the existing skills gap and enable young South Africans to participate in the growing digitized economy [2].

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