Opinion| Mpumelelo seems to be losing fans as people says they don’t like him from the show

Opinion| Mpumelelo seems to be losing fans as people says they don't like him from the show

The more I watch, the stronger my aversion to Mpumelelo becomes. It’s evident that he relies on his father to rescue him whenever he gets into trouble. His actions show a lack of maturity and a reluctance to choose between living a typical 22-year-old’s life of self-discovery and making decisions to please his father by embracing a polygamous lifestyle. 


It’s clear that Mpumelelo is not ready for a polygamous relationship; he still behaves like a child. It’s puzzling why the women in his life continue to stay with him. Perhaps they value the physical aspect or have lowered their standards to stay with him. 

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Interestingly, I recently discovered that both Mpumelelo and his father are executive producers of the show. This revelation raises questions about their intentions behind the content, as it seems they might be aiming to boost viewership. From forced polygamous relationships to a sex tape scandal and now an arrest, Mpumelelo’s actions appear increasingly sensationalized.

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Considering the context, it’s surprising that the women are surprised by Mpumelelo’s behavior. Dating someone who labels their relationship as “isithembu,” with one woman pregnant and another child from a previous relationship, should have prepared them for the chaos. The situation seems quite perplexing.

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