No money to bury the Jazz legend, family ask for public donations

No money to bury the Jazz legend, family ask for public donations

The family of the South African Jazz Legend has reached out to the public asking to be assisted in making the funeral arrangements for the artist Musa Manzini.

According to the source, the family spokesperson Mark Manzini told the source that’s there is no money to bury the Jazz star. “Unfortunately, he’s been ill since 2006. His first hospitalisation was in that same year and it was for malignant brain tumor. Subsequent to the surgery, he had five more craniotomies, three to remove the tumour that had grown back, and three to deal with the hydrocephalus, an accumulation of fluid in the brain,” said Mark.

Mark said that the artist Musa Manzini since 2006 he used a lot of money for his surgeries and medication. “By 2021 all his savings had been exhausted. People will also recall that we even asked the public to donate towards his treatment. So, financially things haven’t been good,” said Mark. He revealed that’s after they went public asking for donations on Tuesday they were able to raise R25 000.00, he said that they are hoping for more from Wednesday to Friday so that the Jazz legend will receive the dignified funeral that he deserves as a popular person. “We’ve tried to get money from music organizations, where we thought he might have royalties but we haven’t been lucky. So far, SAMRO has paid about R30 000 and we are truly grateful for that. Unfortunately that amount will not be enough to cover these medical bills,” said Mark.

According to the source, the funeral of Musa Manzini will take place on Saturday at his home based in Richardsbay, KwaZulu Natal.

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