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No bail again for Nandipha Magudumane it got postponed until June

Nandipha Magudumane currently the talk of the day the woman is in court today virtually today, together with her boyfriend Bester. The couple will not appear physically in court today and they chose to appear virtually, it is not clear why the couple get so much soft treatment while in jail.

It is not clear why they where not in court today and chose to show up virtually, the couple was arrested in Tanzania and got brought back in a private jet from Tanzania to South Africa. Today they appear in Bloemfontein Margaret court virtually, why are they in court virtually if they committed such crimes.

On social media this is becoming suspicious the couple get special treatment the other suspect will be in court and they will simply appear physically in court, but Nandipha had to walk out in court last week and today she is not in court same thing happens to Bester Thabo.

How is it a coincidence that they both chose to go virtually in one day according to Twitter streets, this is becoming a joke Nandipha Magudumane was supposed to get bail today but it got postponed until 20 May 2023. Today she is in court and the background shows that she’s in library probably the library in prison, not a her home.

It has come to people’s mind that the couple get special care in prison and even when they got arrested in Tanzania they where treated as such, to an extent that they got brought to South Africa in a private jet. This was questionable but Bheki Cele became emotional when he was getting grilled by questions regarding the Bester and Nandipha.

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