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National shutdown in action? Chaos as N4 BLOCKADED by trucks

National Shutdown N4 Blockaded

Threats to close major commuter routes in protest due to the fuel price have been enacted on Wednesday morning, after large parts of the N4 and a number of surrounding areas were blockaded by trucks. This demonstration allegedly forms part of the ‘National Shutdown’ efforts.

N4 blockaded, as National Shutdown enthusiasts take credit

It’s understood that several vehicles were actually commandeered by taxi operators in Mbombela. The main roads running through the city encountered some major disruption in the early hours of the day, and the previously-blockaded N4 has only just reopened.

The following routes were all targeted by the gatvol protesters:

  • Intersection at the Sasol garage well as N4 blocked for about 2km from Karino
  • Taxis blocked the road near the Police Station on Bester Street
  • One road is blocked on R40 at Bosch Street off-ramp
  • A blockade was reported in Andrew Street
  • Wolfaart Road was obstructed with rocks.
  • Plaston Road at the three-way stop is blocked, as is the petrol depot at Platsak.
  • N4 split on the bridge is obstructed
  • Bosch Street at SAB breweries blocked, as was the R40 Robot between SARS and Crossings
  • Trucks also obstructed the intersection at Union Motors.
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Why was the N4 blockaded?

Rising petrol prices and all-too-frequent blackouts have pushed millions of South Africans to the brink. This situation has deteriorated throughout 2022, as the cost of living crisis shows no signs of receding. For many dissenters, the time to take decisive action is now.

A National Shutdown was threatened last month. Alas, most of the plans appeared to fizzle out. It’s not known what disruption, if any, will follow the scenes witnessed in Mpumalanga this morning – but make no mistake, those who blockaded the N4 are taking these protests VERY seriously.

Watch: National Shutdown protesters cause carnage on the roads

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