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Mzansi:Kairo And AKA’s Mother Lynn Forbes Wishes Nadia Nakai A Happy Birthday See Here

Kairo and Lynn Forbes wishes Nadia Nakai a happy birthday. Aka will forever be remembered for the contribution that he has made in the development of the South African music especially the hip hop music genre.

Because of artists such as AKA many young people are now enjoying listening to the South African music which play a role in the development of the South African music industry, if young people continue to listen to local artist it will simply means that local artist will be able to grow in terms of becoming business people and be able to compete with other artists from other countries.

It is sad that such a legend was killed in a cold blood and his case remain unsolved up-to-date we don’t know who killed him during that day in Durban where he died at the scene.


Aka left his parents, his daughter and his girlfriend Nadia Nakai,we encourage young artists to learn from aka and make sure that they to contribute in the development of the South African music.

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Below are comments made by people.

You meet someone who never heard of AKA before , they ask you to play one of his songs what song are you playing.

Nadia Nakai i don’t think that will ever be another man she date nor love like AKA,They genuinely loved each other even through his worst his was her soulmate and they where ready to settle down She needs to grieve in her own way and be given space to heal.

my sister went through something similar but a couple years later she’s thriving and dating again. It may not seem like it now but you’ll get through this


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