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Mzansi:”I now understand why Mugabe banned NGOs” says Kenny Kunene See Here

‘I now understand why Mugabe banned NGOs,’ says Kenny Kunene: Despite coming under attack for conducting “illegal” raids in Joburg buildings during his two-day stint as acting mayor, Patriotic Alliance secretary Kenny Kunene says he would do it again.

Kenny kunene want to see all the hijacked buildings in Johannesburg being recovered and make sure that all the people that are responsible for hijacking those building face the consequences of the action.f927822f67b1403198fbde1e8454d42d?quality=uhq&resize=720

we encourage community members to make sure that the report people that are behind hijacking buildings not only in Johannesburg but throughout the country to make sure that we can fight crime because when you hijack a building you are committing a crime.

Many buildings in Johannesburg a hijack and used to commit criminal activities inside those building which is wrong if you can be able to recover them and convert them into houses for people and accommodation form school learners we can be able to resolve the crime in Johannesburg.6fbebbd30d3b47bcb913948a755083f6?quality=uhq&resize=720

Below are comments made by people.

I guess i still have alot to learn because from my experience i see NGOs working over and above the call of duty. If there is dissatisfaction about the funders then the RSA state must fully fund the existing NGOs.

NGOs are attacking Kenny Kunene for opting to takedown slums, citing human rights etc. Do they even know the kind of crimes that goes on in here? Drugs and kidnappings thrives here. Underage prostitution and unlicensed guns. I think that’s what they should be concerned about.

At this point we need to name and list all NGOs currently active in SA, their work and members, when they were founded and who founded them each… Everyday we hear of NGOs fighting our system and winning yet we don’t know anything about them.


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