Mzansi:”Bring back the Youth League” Said Fikile Mbalula See Here


Congratulations to the newly elected ANCYL leadership. Bring back the Youth League.

One of the duty of young people in politics is to make sure that they challenge the problems that are affecting young people in South Africa is unemployment which need serious intervention not only by government but also by all the members of society.


The African national Congress secretary General Fikile Mbalula has told Mzansi that Bring Back Youth league this is after congratulating the newly elected African national Congress youth leagu leaders.

Below are comments made by people.

We cannot have a graduate that are not working after graduating it must be considered a crime four people to go to school and end up not working.

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And because that what breed problems in society when you do not give people jobs what are you expecting those people to eat and to feed the family because after graduating they must get employment and government must create jobs for its graduates.7396b231cf014737a1afb6d17f24d36f?quality=uhq&resize=720

What is the use of this youth League if the current government is not going to listen to them or is another way of creating jobs for its members?

Because if you can see many of those people to be honest in the universities and in the college’s they are just moving around waiting for an event so that they can go in their numbers and get food and mollas but the problems that we are facing they are not being addressed.

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without addressing youth unemployment in South Africa this organisation will remain useless the current problem which is affecting young people is unemployment. if you want to fix South Africa you fix unemployment.

And you employed those that are graduate from the university’s colleges and also those that does not have any certificates government must have capacity to make sure that all the people are working.


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