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Mzansi Left With Mixed Reactions As City Of Joburg Police Target Women Sleeping On The Streets

Mothers who sit on the side of the road and beg for money or food, have been removed by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department and the City of Johannesburg’s social development department. According to the JMPD, sitting next to public roads puts their lives at risk and contravenes City by-laws. This has caused a huge stir on media and it has left many people divided as they have different perspectives when it comes to this matter.


There are people who are totally against the actions which were taken by the law enforcement officers. They believe that these people are struggling and they deserve to be helped so that they may also participate in the economy. However on the other side of the coin these people are seen as crooks, they use kids as baits to make money. Such actions shouldn’t be condoned and the law enforcement officers should continue to take the same action all over the country.910cbc79e19948a89be2038d1ec6f8dd?quality=uhq&resize=720c3a063203ae94c1ca1c62b58a870e49e?quality=uhq&resize=7207402695c0c5c42f59fd1a4f5e262d749?quality=uhq&resize=720f7372a0da36d48b0b03c007d841aba56?quality=uhq&resize=720

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