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Mzansi Angered After Man Threatened Zimbabwean Truck Driver

South Africans were absolutely shocked and disgusted when a video of a South African man threatening a Zimbabwean man, who works as a truck driver, was posted on social media.

In the video, the man recording asked the Zimbabwean truck driver why he was driving a truck in Johannesburg when he is a foreigner.

@Paulmuchemwa2 took to his Twitter account to post the video. He left this caption on the tweet, “Someone’s father trying to make a living in a foreign land.”

A lot of people were angry that he treated a man who was just trying to make an honest living the way that he did. Unlike other illegal foreigners who commit crimes in South Africa, the truck driver was living honestly.


“Hoping he is safe though after this heartbreaking very dark side that fellow Africans display. May he and his family find favor too.”

“Heartbreaking. We are exposed to indignity simply cos things don’t work.”

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