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Minnie Dlamini celebrates her big brother in recent post

Our siblings are our life partners. They make us happy and miserable at the same time. Everyone knows about sibling fights. Some days they are even more tense than other days. But because of the bond and love we have for each other, we make it work. 

As one grows up we realize just how grateful we are to have siblings. They are always there for us. Minnie Dlamini comes from a family of three. It has always been her and her two brothers. The actress lost her younger brother years back and she has never been the same since. It is just her and her big brother now. 0ff879ca67674e9e94ef966e26441936?quality=uhq&resize=720

She shared a heartfelt post celebrating her bug brother. Their resemblances always leave us in awe. We don’t know who they look like between their parents but that parent made sure to copy and paste. Happy birthday to her big brother. 



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