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McKenzie Laughs at Illegal Foreigners after Johannesburg Unleash Hell on them. See What He Said

Gayton McKenzie, a prominent figure in South African politics and business, recently took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the news mentioned above regarding the eviction of illegal occupants in the City of Johannesburg. McKenzie’s response indicates that he is satisfied to see some of the points from their coalition’s manifesto being put into action.

By stating, “We joined this coalition with the explicit understanding that some of our manifesto points will be exercised,” McKenzie suggests that he and his coalition partners had specific objectives or demands related to housing and evictions that they expected to be addressed. This implies that their coalition may have been advocating for certain measures or policies to be implemented to address housing issues in Johannesburg.

McKenzie’s statement also indicates his approval of the evictions that took place. He expresses his satisfaction by stating, “I am glad to see it’s happening.” This suggests that the eviction of the illegal occupants aligns with the goals or agenda of their coalition, as outlined in their manifesto.

Overall, McKenzie’s response to the news suggests that he supports the actions taken by the City of Johannesburg in carrying out the evictions. He indicates that these actions align with the objectives outlined in their coalition’s manifesto. While the specific demands or manifesto points mentioned by McKenzie are not elaborated upon in the available information, his tweet reflects his satisfaction with the progress made in addressing housing issues in Johannesburg through the eviction process.

What do you have to say concerning this? What do you think can be done to curb the issue of illegal immigration in South Africa? Is right or wrong to evict them from the county? You can leave your thoughts and expressions in the comment section below. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.


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