Mayor Louis escaped an attempt hit in Mpumalanga

Mayor Louis escaped an attempt hit in Mpumalanga

People that are in power usually fight for power, when there’s one competitor who is jealous of another success the will be a ln issue. We have seen Mayors fighting violently by ordering hits against each other to get on out of the way, to make opportunity for his own avail.

A Moyer in Mpumalanga was attempted hit last night in Mpumalanga at his residential place, mayor of Lekwa municipality almost got killed last night outside his home when he got attacked by armed suspects. This happened yesterday in Standerton Mpumalanga, where a moyer was shot at multiple times but managed to escape with no injuries but his vehicle was found with multiple bullet wholes.

Always be vigilant the are people that will want you dead and they will make sure that is done, apperently you can’t prevent it but mostly watch out where you are and the people you keep around you. This mayor survived last night by running out of the vehicle when he heard the sound of gun fire and he escaped into the pushed next to his home.

When they suspects thought the job is done they escape in an unknown direction leaving the mayor shacking in shock of who would want him killed, the motive behind the his is unknown and the police attended to the scene immediately after getting an alert about the shooting that occurred in Mpumalanga Standerton outside a house of a mayor.

The police are investigating and took the bullet shells that they found at the scene to use them as part of the investigation process, to find who attempted to kill the Mpumalanga Mayor Lekwa municipality. Never trust any one close to you.

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