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Maweni tells her husband that she wants to meet the mother of his children, and why she is hiding

Maweni and her husband want to meet both of their former partners that they had children with

I think Maweni meant well when she wanted her husband to introduce her to the mother of his children. Maweni reveals that she is currently raising another woman’s child but she never met her.

The mother does not even get involve to the child’s life to know what she is doing, what she is eating, she is actually not there at all. Maweni wants to know what she is hiding. I think this is the right thing that Maweni wants to do.

Her husband also want to know all the men that Maweni had children with and that counts for SK Khoza as well. This is going to be interesting because both Maweni and her husband might not like their former partners. SK Khoza might make an appearance on the show as well.

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