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Mamkhizele shows off her granddaughter.

Shaun Mkhize was born on 6 April in Umbumbulu Village in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa and she one son whose name is Andile Mpisane and he has three very beautiful daughters.

Mamkhize has multiple businesses and she is mostly into construction and soccer as well as she has her own soccer club both and female soccer club.

She has had her own reality television show as well where she was introducing her surname which is Mkhize.

Andile has two older daughters with the beautiful dj called Sithelo and he later on broke up with Sithelo and went to marry Tamia and they have one daughter together who turned a year old today.

The whole family kept the baby under wraps and she was always hidden until today where in its her birthday and they finally revelaed her beautiful face and a lot of people have been commenting that she looks like baby Flo who is Andile’s second born baby.f5f0c0f05d2c4119b50af10b90ad6bbd?quality=uhq&resize=7206d7f87a92e7b40aaa295eaca86c05601?quality=uhq&resize=720

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