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Makhadzi’s former Record Label is allegedly paying R80 to Influencer to be against her

The ongoing fight between Open Mic Productions and Makhadzi is getting hard more while it may be expected that it would come to an end. Now the record label is being exposed for allegedly paying social media influencers to speak out against Makhadzi and turn down everything that she had said about the record company. Those influencers are apparently getting paid R80 a day to fight her on a regular basis.

But then it would be expected that the record label would release a statement that they have not paid anyone to go against their former artist. Actually they have revealed they paid Makhadzi millions. From the posts that are coming from Makhadzi, it is clear that she has moved on and will not be in contact to do anything with the former recording label.

That is something not new when it comes to Makhadzi. Where there is someone going against her, she will release music titled that matter she has gone through it. Surely her representative is doing well that she is moving on by releasing new music as announced.

“Makhadzi Instagram Record label Open Mic says it has paid popular musician Makhadzi over R7.9 million in the three years she has been contracted with it.”


The label also claims to have paid the singer, real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, a R300 000 advance for a deposit towards her house in August 2021. Open Mic has slapped the musician with a letter of demanding, requesting her to retract comments she made over the weekend on social media claiming that the label had not paid her a cent for her albums including Khokhova and African Queen which were released with it.7eacc74a33cb4e8f8894b3a072c9ce8d?quality=uhq&resize=720

“We hold instructions that your client, Ms Ndivhudzannyi Decorate Ralivhona, has engaged in various social media tirades against our client, wherein your client published and repeated defamatory and damaging statements about our client, going as far as alleging mistreatment at the hands of our client and its representatives.”2940c644f8a94a54a8c481bf511e60d0?quality=uhq&resize=720c7100b33228e4672ac216bfc44ae6d70?quality=uhq&resize=720dc99ade70dfd4926bbbaa680552b93d3?quality=uhq&resize=720dd98230a26334e369bcd49998d6437eb?quality=uhq&resize=7202db874112a7f4268b29a42cb0f6fe258?quality=uhq&resize=720

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