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Look what Dali Mpofu was caught doing today.

Senior politicians are rarely caught off guard doing an ordinary work popularly known to be done by ground forces. Except during the hot time of election campaigns, it is very rare to see senior politicians rubbing their shoulders with ordinary members of the society.

A senior leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters who is also a legal representative of former President Jacob Zuma, advocate Dali Mpofu, was caught doing the work known to be done by ordinary people. Dali Mpofu has also shared the pictures where he was captured in action. 

While we know Dali Mpofu through his work of debating legal procedures, today we have seen him doing a groundwork for the Economic Freedom Fighters. Dali Mpofu has today shared pictures of himself plugging posters advertising the EFF’s 10th anniversary celebration. The celebration is expected to take place on the 29th of July this year.


Mpofu seemed to be enjoying his time while doing the work. “It’s a posturing weekend in my branch, Johannesburg, Ward 173. As ground forces, we are having so much fun painting the town red. Join us at FNB Stadium on 29 July 2023 as the EFF turns 10.” Dali Mpofu shared with his followers. 


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