“Lindiwe Sisulu is the most foolish minister” Julius Malema says we do not owe the ANC anything

“Lindiwe Sisulu is the most foolish minister” Julius Malema says we do not owe the ANC anything

Now, if you have been on the internet in the past 12 hours, then you would know that the story that is currently making the headlines is the one about the minister of tourism, Lindiwe Sisulu.

And she obviously would not have made the trends on her own, EFF leader Julius Malema was actually the one who made some statements about the Minister.


There was an address at Birchwood hotel in Ekurhuleni, the EFF leader was addressing the EFF elections workshop.


He touched on a lot of issues and gave clarity on the mission of the EFF government, this was to assure South Africans that the party is more than ready to govern.

Sisulu was also mentioned and that is where we got a clear idea of what Malema thinks of her. This was mostly about the ANC and the EFF leader made a claim that took some people by surprise because it seemed as if it came out of nowhere.

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He decided to talk about her and in the video that is now viewed a thousand of times, he mentioned that Lindiwe is the most uneducated and foolish minister.

He went on to say what her shortcomings are and pointed out that the ANC wants to make it seem like we owe them something.

Furthermore, he acknowledged that Lindiwe is one of those ANC leaders who liberated the people of South Africa.


However, Malema has a problem with the fact that the tourism minister almost always reminds people that she had gone to the bush to fight, creating an impression that people owe her.

It is not clear if the ANC will find a way to condemn Malema’s claims, but there is bound to be someone who speaks on this if it will not be Lindiwe herself.

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And this was considered as an instance where the minister caught a stray bullet because she was not necessarily the target.


But to emphasise on the point that he was making, the EFF leader had to bring her name up and one could say that this slightly shifted how people view the minister.

The EFF leader simply wants the minister to talk more about what she is doing right now and not constantly remind people that she fought for the country’s liberation.

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