Limpopo: King Monada Brand New Car See Here

Limpopo: King Monada Brand New Car See Here

Dear God, thank you for all the countless blessings you have given me in every step of my life.

we encourage people to continue working hard so that they can be able to achieve all their dreams, king Monada has been giving South Africa good music for many years and now it is time for him to also enjoy the fruits of his hard work.

Not so long he was seen driving his new Toyota bakkie and now he has bought himself another car which is a brand new white Mercedes-Benz g63.

This is to show that you can achieve your dreams not only by going to school but also by working hard.

Below are comments made by people.

Congratulations my brother. You deserve every little blessing, as for me I already saw this pic in our celebrities WhatsApp group.

Congratulations king I started listening to your music even when I wasn’t understand what you are saying

You made come to south Africa it’s not that I was looking for something big but just to learn the language you use for your music now I’ve learnt it am preparing my bag to go back to zim continue to wait for your sweet music I love you kingc61f45622cdc4e539696644a3cd0596a?quality=uhq&resize=720

I hope as am going back zim you are following behind for live show coz I wanna watch you live king.

Congratulations King Monada

In this generation not only are you the best artist on Limpopo Soil but the money keeps on following you More Money More Blessings Chairman.7e5099ff2d32437b959d95c1b915334e?quality=uhq&resize=720

God is in control , whatever you giving us it’s god’s work ,there are people who wanted to see you down but god is punishing them by preparing yr tables before them….. continue to bless us with hits nonstop and god will give you power.


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