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Kwaito star has Brickz turned to gospel music while serving time in prison

Kwaito star Bricks has turned to gospel music this comes after he got arrest for what he was accused of in 2013, Bricks made a very huge name for himself before got arrested but he got caught up into a mix up which leaves him into a serious time in prison. Its been 10 years since gi got arrested accused of rape.

The Kwaito star is serving 15 year in prison after he was arrested for rape, apperently this well-known Kwaito star raped his 16-year-old niece at the time and he was apprehended. The things musicians get themselves into will leave you shock. His not the only one who went to prison after making a name for himself Pitch Black Afro is still in prison accused of rape, Jub-jub came out of prison not long ago after he killed teenagers in a street race.

Being reckless get a lot of well-known people in to trouble, it ruin their opportunities Jub-jub got welcomed back into society after what he has done and ge was given another opportunity to start over after making his own mistakes that got him into prison.

Bricks has turned into a gospel singer now this would be a turn around for the legend that left great Kwaito music at the time it was relevant, he will soon be released out of prison. A friend of Sipho Charles Ndlovu (Bricks) prefer to be anonymous reported that he visited Sipho in prison this and he looks positive, with himself and life again he is remorseful about serving 15-year-old in prison for what he did to his niece.

He haven’t stopped making music in prison and he is a leader of choir in prison and that keeps him positive.

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