Koko express his displeasure about the Discussion on national blackout at the national level

Koko express his displeasure about the Discussion on national blackout at the national level



I would have never thought we would have a discussion at the national level about the possibility of a national blackout in my lifetime. This pains me. It hurts, 

Some of us saw this thing coming, and we warned them . But they dismissed us.today there’s talk of a national blackout stage 16 Parliament Judiciary Media all are spectators. We are all in pain bra K and how we wished you and Brian would be brought back to rescue the parastatal but as you know sir, you are legally bound for now. 

But Ian don’t you know sir, the two esteemed gentlemen, are legally exposed? They are attending corruption,. Do you then, as a politician, call for their return to Eskom?

I told some of my friends that we might be heading here when I saw the company that I am working at installing millions worth of generators to power almost 8 plants .ngasho kuts they know something worse is coming

Out of all the Engineers you trained with and those you mentored, you are the only one with the solutions. Let me just keep quiet with my N5 what do I know about system/mechanical/ process or electrical engineering. In fact

CIC Julius Sello Malema must invite Brian Molefe and his team, or Brian Molefe and his team must make arrangements with CIC Julius Sello Malema to start making arrangements to deal with our ESKOM crisis.

What would be the most impactful, even if short lived, intervention we can do to start reversal of this doomsday Koko? I have never thought “no solutions on sight” would be so real, so physical. This is not a situation where you need to switch it off an appliance completely, so you can fix it right. Nope. This is death. The patient dies. That is what it means. It means as the doctor, you cannot keep the patient alive longer to wait for the transplant. I think the most feasible solution is to approach this problem from a regional (SADC) perspective. The entire region has an electricity deficit which can be remedies by a nuclear power plant/solar systems in the Kalahari desert. Didn’t hurt too much when you were doing the Gupta’s work now, did it? When were you working with Brian Molefe and Anoj Singh? Nah guy, your charges are going to stick for some time. Or maybe you’ll also have a Bosasa accident, who knows?


Don’t mislead, the least likelihood of a national blackout may be through inability to meet demand. Other external factors are more likely, not related to capacity, as experienced in other parts of the world. Being resilient is what’s important. Matshela the grid is now on the verge of collapse. My brother, I have worked under your guidance. Can you please hear us out and come help? I am willing to even pay you as a token of appreciation please my brother I know what your technical capabilities are pleased. 

Someone said on Twitter that, You are the last person to tell us about your feelings? Where were those feelings during the Gupta Empire capture?

Clear your name first at the court of law about your role in eskom corruption.



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